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Hello everyone. As you might know, today is a monumental day in One Piece history. One year ago today, the greatest Yonko Kaido made his first appearance in the flesh. While he's only appeared one other time since then, he has been set up as the big bad for Wano Country and may be the first Yonko the Straw Hats manage to take down. But that's far off in the future. So far off that Oda himself does not even know how Kaido is going to be taken down, as he revealed in an interview. Kaido is the strongest creature alive, a god in one-on-one combat, and also has a habit of not dying. Obviously, the final blow must be something specially built up to burst through these barriers, which is gonna take a lot of planning and creativity.

I do think, though, that the fight against Kaido will very much be a group effort. That's pretty much what the Grand Fleet is being set up to do, as well as the various other alliances Luffy's made. I think Blackbeard will be the only Yonko that Luffy defeats in one-on-one combat.

But I digress. Regardless of how many people end up battling Kaido, Luffy's got to be the one that deals the final blow. So what's the final attack going to be? Since Oda doesn't know, it's time for us as a wiki to get creative. What are your ideas for how Kaido will be defeated?

My ideas (uninspired and the result of writing this blog on the spot):

  • Luffy punches Kaido into Wano Country, inserting him into the very seam of the island and preventing him from escaping.
  • Kaido absolutely destroys Luffy in Gear Fourth, Gear Third, and Gear Second, but is brought to the limit himself, and a barely alive Luffy knocks him out with Gomu Gomu no Pistol.
  • Luffy activates Gear Fifth! It, uh, allows him to freely warp his body at will?
  • Luffy awakens his Devil Fruit, turning Wano Country into a bouncy castle and bouncing Kaido into the ocean (Kaido is a DF user so he dies)

What are your ideas about killing (or at least defeating) Kaido?

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