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I know there have been a lot of blogs thinking of good counters to Devil Fruits, but then I thought about Akainu's Devil Fruit being superior to Ace's, and then thought "what Devil fruits could be clearly superior/inferior to others?" Here is a list of some I thought of.

  • Hobi Hobi no Mi and Bonney's fruit: Although it's not confirmed, I have a good feeling the age-stopping capabilities of the Hobi Hobi no Mi would be able to cancel out Bonney's age manipulation.
  • Ope Ope no Mi and Doku Doku no Mi: We've seen Law's fruit remove the effects of drugs from kids, so it would make sense if it could also filter out poison. Also, if Room was activated, Law may be able to use the poison against Magellan.
  • Mera Mera no Mi and Beta Beta no Mi: No explanation required, and I'm pretty sure we'll get to see this proven rather soon.
  • Bara Bara no Mi and Supa Supa no Mi: Daz Bones would not be able to harm Buggy at all, unless he used his regular abilities.
  • Guru Guru no Mi and Noro Noro no Mi: Foxy could slow down Buffalo's blades so much as to render them useless.
  • Fuwa Fuwa no Mi and Issho's fruit: Another obvious one.
  • Suke Suke no Mi and Giro Giro no Mi: This isn't a combative superiority, but I bet eyesight that good could locate Absalom
  • Mato Mato no Mi and Bari Bari no Mi: The object simply couldn't hit its mark.

Any other Devil Fruits you think could be superior/inferior to another? Share in the comments!