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I remembered to click "OK" instead of pressing enter, so you guys are going to get a full blog for once!

So I was thinking about the Hobi Hobi no Mi's powers and it basically removes everyone's memories of the person who was turned into a toy. So then I extended this principle, saying "What if Sugar used her powers on a really important person?"

The most important person in my opinion to be turned into a toy was Robin. While we never really saw much effects since she was only a toy for a short time. But in the short time she was a toy:

  • Usopp and the other Straw Hats forgot about her
  • The World Government forgot about her, meaning she was technically no longer a wanted criminal at that time.

That's pretty huge, the second point especially. As you may remember, in Chapter 757 Sugar attempted to turn Luffy and Law into toys. I am assured that if she had succeeded, the effects would have rippled across the entire world.

If Luffy became a toy:

  • None of the Straw Hats would have a reason to fight. Robin explicity stated in Chapter 758? I think that they were fighting because they had complete trust in Luffy, but if they forgot him, they would just be a hodgepodge of pirates who wouldn't even remember why they were together.
  • Bartolomeo would not have helped battle the Donquixote Pirates. He doesn't give a damn about any person unless they're associated with Luffy, and you can't associate with someone who doesn't exist.
  • Sabo wouldn't have taken on Fujitora and would have had a rather plain exit, and Fujitora would have gone after the Straw Hats.
  • So many other stuffs that I don't feel like listing.

If Law became a toy:

  • A hole would suddenly open in the Shichibukai, and the Marines would panic. Or would they? Given their recent revealed attitude against the Shichibukai, maybe they wouldn't care.
  • Doflamingo would have no cause to sit lazily waiting on his palace, and may have gone to deal with the Straw Hats himself.

So now, I ask you the question, what would happen if any other major One Piece character was turned into a toy? Get creative, and consider all sides to the case. Also, you could say what might happen if a wiki user were to become a toy.

One last thing: I realized this as I was writing this blog. If Kyros was a toy, and no one remembered him, how the heck did anyone know that the statue in the Corrida Colosseum was of him and that he was a famous gladiator????

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