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UH-OH! GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS?! <gets sued by Geico, now I'm homeless>

If you don't know what day it is, go to sleep, and then you will either be sober or it will actually be St. Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!

I know I'm not well-liked because of the bad jokes I make, and you may have expected this blog to be rife with Valentine's Day jokes. Well, the joke is on you, because I honestly don't giva a crap about Valentine's Day. Then why did I make this blog, you ask? This video (and its title) say all

My thoughts exactly, even though I'm now a 15th generation immigrant and retain no traces of a beautiful British accent.

However, to ensure that this blog doesn't get deleted, I bring you this sweet Valentine's Day delivery.

I am fairly sure that many of you, like me, are also hopeless losers who will be spending this day alone or with your parents. And while I'm pretty sure that most of you don't give a crap, you need to do SOMETHING other than drink beer all day. So I give you the RETURN OF THE ONE PIECE WORD SEARCH!!!!!

Like last month's word search, there are special themes. Did you catch the use of language? ARE? Yep, you probably didn't guessed it, but there are TWO word searches this time! And let's just say, I did post this on Valentine's Day for a reason.

For the ladies:

For the gents:

If you're nakama, or you like to dabble in your own gender [1], or you really do have no life and you'd like more of a challenge, feel free to break my rules and do the other puzzle or both. I know that the males search is much bigger, but this is One Piece. This should not be a surprise. Please do not complain that I left out a character. My Word (Search) Is Law. Also, see if you can find the four characters that appear in both puzzles :P

Feel free to submit your answer if you finished it, but once again, I'm too lazy to give any sort of prize. And for those of you who griped before that the puzzle was too big to do, you possibly can print it out.

Well, that's all the time I have for today, folks! But, as a second present, here is this undersized image that is not aligned properly. But once you view the full display of awesomeness present, you will only shake your head in a tiny bit of disgust.

Oh, and before I go, I have a question that I want to ask you.

Will Diamante Die?

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