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Hey guys. I'm Kaido, from the year 2056. I was thinking about possible ideas for my 10,000th blog, when my time machine came in the mail. So I got the genius idea of going back to 2016 and sharing what's happened to the wiki in the past 40 years. Man, it's interesting seeing all the old users again, I miss y'all. Except Pau; those nukings left a great tragedy in Catalonia but a great service to the wiki.

The wiki continues to be as productive as ever, as Luffy is just about to fight Kaido in the manga, while the anime has just started the Whole Cake Island arc. Some people complain about its slowness but as I've grown older I've begun to appreciate the slow stuff. MDM had a son who came here to blog after the mutual collapses of 7/11 and FT Wiki left his dad in ruins. He's just like his old man. We got a manga chapter yesterday; Oda usually takes one-month breaks after each chapter but sometimes they're farther apart, leading to a random schedule. Unfortunately all of Mangastream's workers were arrested back in 2029, leaving Z-Ani as our only scanlated source, but it's better than nothing I suppose. When there's no One Piece I read Kishimoto's new manga about Naruto's grandson Ratchet, as well as Hajime no Ippo.

SeaTerror's started another talk page war, and ever since he and Klobis became admins in 2035 their battles have become much more entertaining to watch. A user called "Galaxy 9000" came here around 2028, when JSD and Kage retired to a sunny home in Norway, and he's racked up over five hundred thousand edits! It seems as though anime images never get uploaded anymore ever since Gal banned Xil for comportamento non collaborativo, although I've come to appreciate the level of detail. Gal's username does ring a bell, but my aging mind can't put a finger on it.

Well that's basically all I've got to say. Now I just need to look for the publish button. I'm so used to staff putting the buttons inside the text now, although I do enjoy their new mandatory wikia staff donation box that replaced the top navbar, changing all the font to comic sans, and adding a little suggestion box that apparently sends all the suggestions to their spam folder. Where we would be without staff's help, I have no idea. Koromo actually founded a great wikia empire in 2017 but was assassinated by Tuckyd and the wikia staff in order to prevent competition. Now I gotta get back to the present and see how Ratchet's doing in his fight against Ken Uchiha Otsutsuki III.