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After being mugged by fascist chimpanzees, I, Kaido King of the Beasts, have seen the future! It went summat like this:                                                                                                                              <Somewhere deep in the New World, on an island not too far away from Raftel, two forces face off. On one side is the Revolutionaries, led by Monkey D. Dragon, accompanied by his aides Ivankov, Inazuma, and Sabo, as well as several dozen soldiers. And on the other is the Marines, with Admiral Kizaru at the helm. The peculiar thing, however, is that there are only 10 or so Marines with Kizaru. However, Kizaru just smiles, and out of the water rises several dozen Pacifistas, each resembling Bartholomew Kuma>

Ivankov: I never thought we’d have to battle you, Kuma…if you’re even in there.

Sabo: I've heard about this but I never thought it was actually true...Kuma...

<The Pacifistas march forward and release a Nikyu Nikyu Barrage. Dragon beckons for the Revolutionaries to run, and they do so. Kizaru is happy that he has them on the run, but is also kind of confused because he expected the Revolutionaries to put up some kind of a fight. Something didn’t feel right to him. Elsewhere, Dragon, Ivankov, and Sabo run through the forest>

Sabo: You didn’t tell us there might be Pacifistas here! How are we supposed to defeat them??

Dragon laughs

Sabo: I don’t see how this is very funny!

Dragon: I’m sorry. It’s just that Operation PX is ready to roll.

Ivankov: Operation PX?? You didn’t tell any of us that there was such a thing!

Dragon: All in good time. You’ll find out soon enough.

<The threesome run into a large clearing in the center of the island, along with the rest of the Revolutionaries. The Revolutionaries then find themselves surrounded by Pacifistas, and Kizaru strolls comfortably at the scene>

Kizaru: You can’t escape us this time, Dragon. I’d surrender if I were you!

Dragon: I’d rather die!

Kizaru: That would sure make things less complicated…All right, do you have any last words?

Dragon: Yeah… Activate Operation PX!

<Suddenly, the Pacifistas start to shake, shocking everyone except Dragon>

Dragon, to Kizaru: You thought you could hinder us by turning our main spy into a mindless robot. However, you failed to take into account Kuma’s loyalty to the Revolutionaries!

Kizaru: What do you mean?

Dragon: Kuma didn’t go through your upgrades because you told him! He did it to give us access to your greatest weapon!

<Right then, the Pacifistas begin to turn on Kizaru and the Marines. Trying not to appear shocked, the admiral dashes back to his ship to report on this event>

Kizaru: This is scaring me…Straw Hat and Blackbeard are getting closer to Raftel, and one of our main assets in defeating them is gone…I hope Sakazuki can think of something.

<Back on the island, the Pacifistas stand around Dragon, waiting for his next orders, as the Revolutionaries cheer>

Sabo: I can’t believe it! Kuma came through!

Dragon: I apologize for not telling any of you…especially you, Ivankov, but I just feared that this information would get into the hands of spies. Without this plan, we probably could not have won the war.

Ivankov: It’s all right…but where are we going to do now?

Dragon: My son is getting closer and closer to finding the One Piece, and every single World Government agent is after him. All our prey, in one area. It’s time for us to bring down the World Government once and for all!