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Short blog, simple question. The New World is teeming with powerful Devil Fruit users, and what was once a hot commodity basically becomes an entry-level requirement that makes those without them seem like gods in their own right. So, I ask, what Devil Fruit powers do you want to see in the series? They can have "stupid" powers, but no God Zoans and no Water Logias. Otherwise, fair game.

Here are some of my top picks:

  • Rocket-Rocket Fruit (Paramecia) - Basically giving the user the ability to create rocket jets from their bodies and turn body parts into explosive rockets. An effective projectile power, and the rockets can also magnify regular attacks by making them hit at rocket speed.
  • Blood-Blood Fruit (Paramecia/Logia) - A lot of people have wanted this, and the powers it can bestow are numerous. You can basically paralyze anyone afraid of blood, possibly control others' blood, and dope your bloodstream (I'd pay to see two Gear Twos clash)
  • Nest-Nest Fruit (Paramecia) - Lets the user create five smaller copies of themself which nest inside each other. Weird, but could be used well.
  • Monkey-Monkey Fruit (Zoan) - This would basically make the user a human with enhanced strength and agility capabilities, plus they could hold four things at once.
  • Unicorn-Unicorn Fruit (Mythical Zoan) - Not only would the user be a force on the battlefield, but they also have healing powers which would make them a great ally to anyone.

What new Devil Fruits do you want to see?