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In the entire Dressrosa Arc, the award for most unpredictable character definitely goes to the admiral, Fujitora (aka Issho, but I prefer saying Fujitora as it sounds cooler). Seriously. We've known from Chapter 701 that this guy would be a major power-player. When we learned shortly later that he was an admiral, I'm sure a lot of us thought he was gonna pose a major threat to the Straw Hat crew, and he was.

Then, as time goes on, we begin to worry about how the Straw Hats were going to deal with him since they have not really been shown leveling up enough to defeat an Admiral yet. Plus, they still have a long way to go in the New World, so if they beat an admiral now, how could the World Government remain a credible threat and possible final villain? Some of us started thinking about Doflamingo's actions, though, and devised a theory. A lot of us thought that after Doflamingo's evil was fully unveiled, Fujitora would pardon the Straw Hats to fight the greater evil like Smoker did in Alabasta.

Finally, Doflamingo showed everyone how evil he was and trapped everyone in Hunger Games: Doflamingo Style, and we were all waiting for Fujitora to take action against him. But then he takes action against...the Straw Hats! We all gasp, wondering how Fujitora is going to work out of the plot. Then Sabo comes to battle him, satiating us, and here we are now.

The basic question is: what is Fujitora going to do, and what are his true intentions? He provided us a cloudy but still a hint regardless, speaking to Sabo of gambling his life and Sabo realizing that the admiral is not acting normally. So the question is: What will be the fate of this man?

I expect his fight with Sabo to end in a draw, with Fujitora in a better position, so as to keep him a viable threat. I hope that their fight does not continue until the end of the arc, but it is a viable option, although I would prefer that his motives be revealed and then...we shall see. And if Fujitora doesn't turn "good" or at least temporarily removes his animosity toward the Straw Hats, how are the remaining Straw Hat members going to get off Dressrosa? If that happens my guess would be they would get some sort of royal sanction, but my guesses are never good. So, what do you think about Fujitora/Issho, this man and his life?