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After this Friday, the hype will be real in the One Piece community for the next film, Film Gold. However, production has been pretty tight under wraps as we've gotten very little clues as to what it'll be about. There's a big announcement coming after the Foxy special, and all signs point to it being about the movie. Other than that, all we have is a teaser trailer which only shows CGI gold running down, as well as an interesting design:

Apparently Luffy's design is known as "Kintaro Luffy". Kintaro, or the Golden Boy, is a legendary character with superhuman strength who is raised on a mountain and befriends the animals on it.

Then in the bottom left corner is the presumed villain of this piece, although there's really nothing about his design that stands out. Kind of a typical run of the mill guy, though one interesting thing is the star on his coat which is the same star in the title logo. What connection does this star have?

Now what could the plot be? "Gold" raises some interesting possibilities, as pirates live to plunder gold, and other than some random pillaging from Skypiea and Thriller Bark gold hasn't really been in the Straw Hats' minds. They could return to plundering in this film, and it could raise some good questions like about greed.

Given the significance of a star and the overarching theme of gold, it's also possible that there is an important treasure to be found. Is it a national treasure? Or could it be a weapon? Personally I hope we don't get something like the Dyna Stones; that would be kind of unoriginal.

Also, when in the story is this film gonna take place? If it takes place between Dressrosa and Zou (don't really see how it would be between PH and Dressrosa), you'd have to include the Barto Club, Law, and leave out half the Straw Hats. I don't know about you, but I want to see a movie centered on the whole crew given the past years' events. If it is to take place after the timeskip, the only time you can do this is between FI and PH, which is when Film Z takes place. Certainly a conundrum, given how Oda hasn't really allowed for much filler possibilities between arcs. It could take place after Zou, but plotholes would most likely rain, and it could be before the timeskip, but who would want to watch the weaker Straw Hats? Or perhaps the studio will just say "fuck it" and make it at an undiscerned time.

What do you think this film will be about? Share in the comments!