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The Dressrosa Arc isn't over yet, but it's pretty close. It's been a mixed two years, that's for sure. When it started back in March 2013, I was in middle school, still a year away from joining the wiki, and I had just caught up on One Piece. So Dressrosa was the first arc that I read on a week-by-week basis instead of just binge-reading.

But this isn't a review. Totally (not) ripped off from stuff like this, we look at the top moments from Chapter 700, His Own Pace, until Chapter 794, Sabo's Adventure in our very own Dressrosa Arc Academy Awards.

Here are the categories to nominate for:

Character Categories

  • Best Male Character - The greatest character with a dick!
  • Best Female Character - The greatest character without a dick!
  • Best Villain - Anyone who has meant to cause harm to the protagonists. If you nominated a villain for one of the above two categories you can nominate them here as well.
  • Best Character Development - Nominate a character who you feel has had the greatest development, whether character-wise or battle-wise during this arc.
  • Most Underused Character - A character that you felt did not live up to their potential in this arc. Not to be confused with the category below.
  • Worst Character - The character you most wish was killed off in a gruesome manner!

Story Categories:

  • Best Chapter - The chapter you enjoyed most
  • Best Plot Twist - This arc had a shitload of plot twists, but which one stuck out to you the most?
  • Best Flashback - This arc had TONS of flashbacks, which one was the most touching?
  • Best Fight - From brief one-on-one skirmishes to the free-for-all Block battle spectacles, which confrontation was your favorite?
  • Best Devil Fruit - Which Devil Fruit power was the greatest? You can nominate any power that was used in this arc. Unnamed Devil Fruits can also be nominated.
  • Worst Chapter - The chapter that made you think "I waited a week/two weeks for this?"

Nominate your candidates for these categories in the comments. You can also suggest possible categories which I might add. When I feel like it I'll go through the nominations and voting will begin.

Oh, and I'm sure we all agree that the award for Greatest Mangapanda Screwup goes to Sabo and Issho for their amazing victory.