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Why you have to make me excited right before a hiatus, Odacchi? And to put another hiatus in three weeks to boot...if you see a news story about some guy raging through Japan looking for a chapter, that'll probably be me.

Overall, lots of exciting plot developments here, and my favorite out of all of them is probably King Baum's resurrection. Just when we were done putting Caesar through hilarious tasks, here comes the other whipping boy. I'm liking this brand of humor a lot, it hasn't gotten old so far. Damn, Baum is a player. Also, Opera dies, which is pretty much his just desserts - no complaints from me here.

And that's not to mention Pudding! Just when I feared she would forever fade into irrelevance, here she comes with a deliciously evil plan to stop Big Mom's rampage. My attention is now fully piqued. And of course, Big Mom flying towards the Straw Hats with blood in her's just too great.

Good setup chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next! ...Eventually :(

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