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I wanna get away, get away...

Lots of things from the past rearing their heads as the alliance prepares to make their escape this chapter. First, the Tamatebako. We got a recap of when it first popped up, and let me just say again, I wasn't expecting it to be used in that way at all. Though considering the magnitude of the explosion, I guess that was the best case scenario hahaha).

So the Straw Hats fly away, and the Big Mom Pirates fall...could this be the end? Wait! Here come Streusen's flashback powers to the rescue! We get some details about it, such as its food not tasting very good...and here comes Big Mom's food cravings again. I enjoyed how Oda utilized these plot elements from earlier in the wedding to keep things flowing smoothly, it's pretty great storytelling.

On the protagonists' side, Bege's sign planting gag is HILARIOUS. And Caesar...well, he's finally got his heart back. And now he's gone. A...moment of silence, for the clown.

Caesar's Frivolity

Now, the Straw Hats are left with a day's journey to escape, the Big Mom Pirates after them, and Big Mom having a food craving. I honestly don't really know what'll happen, and I like that. I've heard theories that Sanji will bake a cake for Big Mom, and I could buy that, but we'll see.

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