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Kind of disappointed to have to wait 2 weeks for a slower-paced chapter, but this was definitely a needed change in pace and it had some nice moments.

The biggest standout scene was, of course, Judge confronting Sanji over their rescue. A lot of Sanji's initial resolve to save his family felt kind of weird, as it was based pretty much entirely on his "empathy" that Reiju had sold so hard earlier. For Sanji to give an in-depth explanation regarding Zeff, and how he felt about his father and the man who sired him, putting Judge in his place, that was great to see. Plus, it takes care of the Vinsmokes' threat on the Baratie. Well done, Sanji. Though wait, there's more...

With Bege's only option of escape being "Quickly transform and have Caesar fly me out", of course we all knew it wouldn't happen because it would be so underwhelming. The Vinsmokes going out to stave off Big Mom was interesting, as it gives them more time to redeem themselves in my eyes. Plus, it does sell the threat of the Big Mom Pirates as they are forced to take action to prevent Caesar from getting shot. And of course, Luffy and Sanji. The clash we've been waiting to see, no matter how brief or decisive. Happy for Luffy because he gets to test his mettle against a Yonko for the first time. Happy for Sanji because he finally gets to shine in combat. Happy because hopefully we can get an extended fight out of this, plus the Vinsmokes battling the Big Mom Pirates. Do I expect either side to win? Definitely not, but I'm intrigued by the many ways this could turn out.

Overall a great setup chapter that took a much-needed break in pace and provided a lot of excitement for the future. Adding to the agony is that I won't be around next week to read the next chapter hehe. The battle has just soon will it end?

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