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There was a lot on the line coming into Big Mom's flashback, and needless to say after reading this chapter I'm more hyped than ever.

When it was revealed last chapter that the flashback would take place on Elbaf, I thought that Linlin would be at least half giant, but it seems that she indeed is a normal human...who looks pretty much exactly like a giant. But hey, if you've got Bastille than anything is possible.

Linlin's childhood is quite interesting to read about. She's your quintessential special needs kid, but with a body of iron and the ability to take down giants. So it's simultaneously heartbreaking to see how poorly she's raised and intriguing to see how this shapes her. Her parents don't want to make the effort to keep her under control and abandon her, and Mother Carmel, while her intentions are good, spoils Linlin too much, resulting in her not knowing right from wrong. And of course, the first time we heard the word "fast", we KNEW that shit was about to go down.

While there's obviously still a lot we don't know about the island, which is good, what we did see of Elbaf in this chapter was splendid. We got obligatory cameos and references to EVERY. SINGLE. Elbaf giant seen in the series so far, and it works pretty well! We meet a few new giants like Yobobo and Yahaha, and get to know a lot about their culture. I wondered how Linlin's plight could be shown here without making the giants look like giant douchebags, and I'd say that was pretty well handled - they place a lot of worth in their traditions, and while it is a bit jarring to see them go after an innocent child, we know by now just how much shits giants give about stuff and things.

Overall, an excellent chapter. Seems like the flashback will end in a chapter or two. I'm looking forward to seeing how Linlin transitions from this into the adult that she is today.

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