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Gonna be a quick review since I have to leave soon.

Let me just say this chapter was on point in terms of art. The panels of Big Mom's breakdown and Sanji standing over Judge on the table got a visible reaction out of me, and made this chapter. Can't wait to see the interaction between Sanji and his family. Massive kudos to Jaimini's Box for their pristine scan cleaning and translations, which make the once-Jesuslike Mangastream look like trash.

And man, in case you were beginning to doubt, Katakuri is a boss. Overwhelming multiple alliance members and still getting to Luffy, only failing to prevent Big Mom's break down thanks to Luffy's Devil Fruit. And Smoothie...well, she has ears! And she cares about her Mama!

I was beginning to wonder if we wouldn't get a Carmel flashback in this arc, since Big Mom's tied to so many things that I expect her to play a role in the future (looking like Elbaf), but looks like we've got one and I wonder how long it'll be. It's cool seeing Elbaf for the first time, though I hope we still get kicks out of it once the Straw Hats get there.

Overall, a pretty good chapter with not too many things going on, and a nice focus to keep us interested. And of course, there's a break next week. Of course.

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