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Heh, I remember the days when review blogs went out like hotcakes, and now here I'm writing one hours after I slept through my alarm, worororo.

I was legitimately wondering if Carmel's portrait wouldn't need to be broken after all, since Big Mom's reaction after the cake was destroyed looked pretty much identical to Bege's description of her reaction to the portrait breaking. I was definitely fearful for the life of ma boi, future crewmate, Streusen haha. I was also surprised that more people than just Luffy came outside, though of course Gangster Gastino is left behind, where he is forced to stand and reflect on his life choices.

Bege's facefault made the chapter for me. At that point, I thought nothing in the chapter could get better than that. Boy, was I wrong.

Katakuri's power was interesting, to say the least. I wonder how many ideas for Logias Oda still has. I certainly wasn't expecting a Logia power to be a blase sticky substance, but considering Totto Land's environment, I'm not particularly surprised that a fruit like that would grow there. It feels a bit too similar to the Beta Beta no Mi, but I really like how Katakuri has used it so far.

That's when Jinbe stepped in, and that without a doubt was the crowning moment of the chapter. Another chapter of Jinbe's life takes a close, and in such awesome fashion as he stands up to Big Mom. The reveal that Big Mom's power doesn't work if the targets aren't afraid of her was the icing on the cake, and I liked how it served not only as a testament to how much fear Big Mom strikes into people, but how Jinbe is one of the few to break that fear. Just amazing in every way.

And of course, I adored Brook finally smashing Mother Carmel's portrait. Jinbe standing up to Big Mom was great enough, but then Oda managed to segue into something better. Boy, with how much attention Morgans is paying to things, there's no way anyone is getting out of this scot-free.

Amazing chapter, possibly my favorite one in the entire Whole Cake Island arc so far. Hopefully the train keeps going at full speed!

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