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These two weeks could not have been longer, but a chapter is out! And not a second is wasted either.

We start off with Luffy getting jostled around in his sleep, having about .13656 seconds to get up, get showered, get dressed, and attend the wedding. I hoped something like that would happen, and it was quite hilarious. We go out to the wedding venue, and then Katakuri foresees Bege moving to cut apart Carmel's picture before assassinating Big Mom, causing him to shoot him with a jellybean and end the plot right then and there. Then Law jumps in and Katakuri shoots Law.

Er, I was reading my spoiler manuscripts for a second. Oops. Instead, Katakuri sees Pudding collapsing before Sanji, and she does just that as he calls her third eye beautiful, being something of a third eye blind variety. Having had everyone be repulsed by her third eye, Pudding collapses in shock. Katakuri, the protective big brother that he is, tries shooting at Sanji with a jellybean but misses, and accidentally self-fulfills a prophecy of Sanji getting shot in the head. In the process, he shoots the Straw Hats' future crewmate, the big badass priest with two pistols, and kills him, which is a shame. Then Luffy jumps out of a wedding cake. Multiple versions of him, courtesy of Brulee. And the rest, they say, is history.

Overall, this was a really fun chapter and got the chaos set up in quite fun ways. I was pretty surprised at Pudding's development, but I won't mind it if we get more focus on it. What did you think?

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