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Finally, a chapter! Very text-heavy, but it's a good setup for the next stage of the plot, which is sure to be kick-ass.

The Sanji retrieval team finally, uh, retrieves Sanji, and they escape from Whole Cake Island, with him and the Poneglyphs in tow. They then head to Wano Country, where Kaido stands on the beach, holding Law's dead body.

...Oh wait, Sanji's gotta save his family. Dammit, I wanted to see dead Law!

I absolutely loved the recurring gag of the Sanji retrieval team considering Brulee and Diesel part of their group while the latter two tried their hardest to disclaim it. Once Jinbe dies those two will be the next nakamas, I'm calling it.

Finally, Jinbe offers a proposition to Luffy, for them to ally with Bege, who's surprise surprise going against Big Mom! Oh yeah, Pekoms is also alive, to even bigger shock. I enjoyed hearing about Bege's past, so far all the Supernovas' pasts have been really interesting. And then there's the deal itself. Now, Luffy's allied with Crocodile before, so him allying with Bege won't be too out of the blue even if Bege did shoot Pekoms and capture Sanji for his own nefarious purposes. But you just know Luffy's gonna have horrible manners and Bege will get in a rage (look I rhymed!) Next chapter is gonna be a hoot for sure.

Not much happened, but I was left extremely hyped for things to come shortly, so all in all it was a pretty good chapter. 7.5/10. Now, will we get to see Bege's sex dungeon next chapter?

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