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I wake up early to read a chapter about sleep, ha ha thanks Oda.

The chapter starts off with Bobbin quickly recovering from the attack on him and using his abilities to put everyone to sleep before going after Sanji himself - I wonder what the full extent of his abilities are, because the ability to put anyone to sleep can get real overpowered real fast. Also, his bounty is revealed as an extremely strange Beli105,500,000, though I more enjoyed the tears of the salty fanboys who let their imaginations run wild with Bobbin over the past 200 chapters, thinking he was a Sweet Commander-level fighter. That's why you don't let your expectations rule the story, folks.

I'm also intrigued by Bobbin's actions being just another in a long line of efforts by the BM Pirates to stop the insurrection without ever telling Big Mom herself. It's interesting to see how Big Mom's unforgiving attitude as the most extreme wedding planner ever has ended up becoming her greatest weakness, as her subordinates are left not wanting to trigger her rage and thus not call for help. Good stuff good stuff.

Then we go to the mirror gang trying to get Brook back, and good lord this is the funniest scene I've read in One Piece in a while. Brulee calling to her mom nearly made me actually laugh out loud, and the ensuing rescue attempts were a delight to behold. It seemed strange from spoilers how easily they seemed to procure Brook, but it turns out that the mission was anything but easy, with Big Mom pretty much being exactly like Whitebeard when it comes to how soundly she sleeps. Finally, Nami manages to get Brook, who then reveals what we were all guessing, that he held the Poneglyph copies inside his skull.

Finally, we get to the long awaited reunion, where Sanji discovers a weakened Luffy. Well, get your tissues ready for next week, I guess.

Overall, this was a pretty good and funny chapter that actually managed to end things on a high note. Of course, I don't expect that high note to last, as Bobbin is currently after the duo and Big Mom, like any other parent, is going to find out what her kids did at some point, so get ready for shit to hit the fan.

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