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This chapter seemed to strike the rare balance between great action and interesting exposition. We finally saw Pedro in action for once, slashing enemies on the run, running up walls, and also HE'S GOT A BOMB! His attack, though brief, was quite satisfying. And Brook gets to demonstrate some of his own soul powers, conveniently locking out Smoothie in the process. Nice action overall, though Smoothie is quite a big fish to fry and is probably too much for both Brook and Pedro. Can't wait to have Pedro and Tamago go up against each other.

Also, Zeus is too cute. Funny how Pound hyped him up to be this evil storm cloud.

In the midst of all this we are introduced to the greatest Charlotte child, Angla, dawg. Then Pudding shows up and plans to do something to prevent Sanji from marrying her, triggering the dramatic irony. It's clear that Pudding thinks that Big Mom is OK with Lola running away and the Straw Hats know the truth...when Pudding carries out her plan, it's sure to be very, very sad.

Overall a great chapter, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the lack of a hiatus which was all too common last December. This arc is steadily approaching tragedy...

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