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This was definitely the chapter we needed after a hiatus, as we got a combination of action and infodump galore.

The important people in the enraged army display their abilities, with Galette being able to manipulate people by covering them in butter, Opera controlling semen cream. Then there's Amande and her Meito known as Shirauo, which she uses to bisect and kill King Baum. RIP to best tree, you died as pathetically as you lived. And then there's the best power of all, Mont-d'Or's ability to manipulate books and pretty much put anyone in its setting. That may just be the best DF power of all time, and I'm sure Mont-d'Or writes his own books to give his opponents the most gruesome experiences imaginable. Though he would be wise to have copies of Moby Dick and Dante's Inferno on hand.

The enraged army defeating Luffy was surprising to some, but not really to me. Luffy's been fighting Cracker for 11 hours and just got whooped by Sanji, so there's not much left in the tank here. It'd be pretty difficult for him even if he was at full strength. And the loss of Nami's Vivre Card not only removes the only advantage the Straw Hats had, but also creates an interesting dynamic as the Charlotte siblings wonder how their sister's Vivre Card got into the hands of the enemy.

However, things may look good for the Straw Hats as Sanji makes a deal with Big Mom to let them go, which she agrees to...however, I have a good feeling that this will be compromised once Brook and Pedro unleash their Poneglyph retrieval mission. They ain't gonna have much of a smooth ride against Sweet Commander Smoothie, who can be seen draining liquid from a...certain part of a person's body. Well, a fetish is a fetish *unzips pants*

This was a really good chapter, one of the best Totland has to offer so far. I'm really enjoying the complex situation everyone is getting into, and how Big Mom's willingness to deal with people is driving it all forward. Things would not be nearly as interesting if she was direct and unforgiving like Kaido, and ultimately her decisions will shape the course of the arc. It was this that gave Pedro freedom, and also sheds light on Pekoms. Man, I miss that guy...

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