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Interesting that Mangastream is four hours late releasing a pure battle chapter - though of course a new rival burst onto the scene, carrying on Z-Ani's path of destruction. Their contributions were immediately immortalized.

This chapter hit right into the feels just as hard as Sanji hit into Luffy's head. It's a shame the situation didn't really call for Luffy fighting back, which would have made the fight even more fun to see. But this fight wasn't supposed to be fun. Sanji got to display some awesome new moves, including a tumbling axe kick that knocked Luffy out of the count for like a minute.

And Luffy's speech at the When Nami and Robin were in this situation, Luffy basically went on the warpath to save them. But he knows he can't do that with Sanji; he will instead have to wait out for his crew member, regardless of the odds. That takes a whole lot more dedication and courage.

I generally prefer infodump chapters, but this one was amazing. Methinks we'll get right back to some more infodump next week with the Vinsmokes getting to the Whole Cake Chateau, as well as the fallout over Cracker's defeat. Maybe we'll see Smoothie and Katakuri. And regardless of how long Luffy stays in that spot, things are hardly going to be boring for him as he is extremely likely to get attacked. Fun fun fun.

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