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Aww yesss. First chapter in a while that didn't solely focus on Sanji stuff, and it was a fine one at that.

So Carrot and Chopper are getting chased around in the Mirror World by Brulee, who's carrying a sickle. Well, I guess we should've figured that when Brulee got defeated, but what's the woman gonna do now?

Reiju fixes Sanji's face with some plastic...not surgery, just actual plastic. Then it's off to the Chateau for the two families to meet. Turns out that Purin won't change her name when she gets married, so we can't call her Vinsmoke Purin. Thanks Oda, you're the real MVP. Oh, and it turns out Sanji got his chivalry from...Zeff. I had been talking about this with some others a while ago, and there was an SBS where Oda was being intentionally vague about how Sanji was raised to not hit women, but it just turns out to be the default option.

Finally, for the biggest portion of the chapter. We're filled in a little on what happened in the 11 hours, as King Baum has taken quite a bit of damage while Nami has helped in her own way by making Cracker's biscuits fit for consumption. Cracker gets increasingly annoyed, but Luffy presses on eating the biscuits until he activates a new form of Gear Fourth...Tankman. And with Cracker being unable to strike a blow, Luffy bounces him away into Kingdom Come. I must say, it will be hilarious if Cracker is sent flying into the Chateau during the family meeting. But we won't find out for another 2 weeks... :(

So what do I think of the battle overall? I liked it; it was long and absolutely grueling just like a battle between opponents of this caliber should be. It was a team effort, with Nami doing her part to help Luffy win. And I'm fine with not seeing all of it, come on it was 11 hours, with it being hinted that Luffy was mostly doing the same things over and over. It does bother me that Cracker was not incredibly proactive in this fight, I do understand he hates pain, though I'm not a big fan of that personality trait. And where's Pound?

Overall a great and exciting chapter, and a sweet finish to the Luffy vs. Cracker battle. What did you think?

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