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Yay, an early chapter two weeks in a row! Oh, how I pine for the days when they were released on Wednesday...

So, in true Kaminoan fashion, the Vinsmokes are creating clones as soldiers. Not only that, but apparently Judge and Vegapunk were once best buds and partners in crime on this. Quite nice to hear about Vegapunk again, especially when it comes to something revealing his history. This incident could very well be the reason why the World Government pressed him into their service and also led into the creation of the Pacifista. I mean, the Vinsmoke children are pretty much Pacifista themselves! (no Shoop da Woops yet though).

Niji, confirmed to be the one who beat up Cosette (edit war of the century, I know), and he promptly overpowers Sanji. I still don't understand why people think Sanji is stronger than his family members based on his decent performance against Judge; his family and their evolution are definitely stronger, or at least a worthy match, for him.

We then see more of Sanji's past, which reveals just how the Vinsmokes tick and why Sanji's weakness is so bad. Plus it was pretty heartbreaking to find out that Sanji being imprisoned in the iron mask was actually him being left to rot forever. This definitely seems to be a pretty hefty portion of the flashback, but not all. We do need to know how Sanji escape, and Judge mentioning Sanji's mother makes me believe she will be involved in some way as well. Also, given the Vinsmoke children's genetic modifications, I'm left wondering if Diable Jambe is indeed the result of Sanji eventually unlocking his genetic modification.

Overall a pretty great chapter. I'm pining to get back in the Seducing Woods (King Baum would be proud of me for that pun), but this is definitely important to the progression of this arc. Perhaps next chapter?

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