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Well, that was certainly a surprising chapter.

Luffy finally cracks Cracker, splitting him in half. Or did he...? Turns out that the big, towering Cracker was actually a puppet, inhabited by the real, much smaller Cracker, who looks like Bellamy and whose hair is shaped like a dong. I didn't really have a problem with Cracker's first design, other than the legs of steel, but I know others did, and I think this appearance has a much more unique flair. Even though he's a lot smaller, Cracker still is super powerful, as he nearly slices off Luffy's arm(!!) and is nowhere for the worse.

Cracker then reveals what his Devil Fruit, the Bisu Bisu no Mi, really does. Aight, my opinion on this is a bit complex here. I'm open to inherently silly Devil Fruits; oftentimes they have the greatest amount of potential. And I do think that Cracker's biscuit generation ability is better than him simply increasing the number of his limbs. But Cracker's incredibly ridiculous use of his fruit, which he can seem to make into basically anything, kind of make me *meh* on this whole thing.

As Nami settles in as the new queen of the Seducing Woods, Chopper and Carrot prepare to explore the mirror world, with Chopper becoming Carrot's new big brother. Not sure if that was good enough to be the chapter title, but OK. Brook and Pedro prepare to invade the Whole Cake Chateau. They're the only ones who've been given much of a break, but I highly doubt this mission is going to go without a hitch.

Finally, "Sparking Red" Ichiji and "Electric Blue" Niji (finally officially named), come to Germa Kingdom. I'm sure Sanji's gonna be very happy to see them, especially with his cuffs restraining him. Oh yeah, this is the next morning - meaning a lot of Luffy's fight with Cracker was skipped. We've heard about battles spanning multiple days in the One Piece world, and this could be Luffy's exposure to one, but then again I doubt he will be able to continue fighting once Gear Fourth runs out. Lots of mysteries...

There is a hiatus next week, but I will point out that this is the first one since after Chapter 831 came out in June, meaning we've had 7 straight chapters (Bon Festival adise). That's gotta be a record, and kudos to Oda.

Overall a pretty great chapter that paid off on several things that came before and heightened suspense for the future. Not sure whether Sanji's wedding is today or tomorrow, but it's coming soon...

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