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I though last chapter was mostly action, but it actually pales in comparison to this one.

So we find out that Cracker's sword is called Pretzel, a sword of no equal name in a world full of swords called "Night" and "Demon Howl". Cracker quickly manages to overwhelm Luffy, displaying some Busoshoku Haki in the process.

As Cracker overwhelms Luffy, Nami realizes how in over their heads they are once again, and Brulee enters a mirror as she affirms this. She reveals that Kid, Apoo, and Bege entered their territory before, only for Bege to submit to them and for Kid and Apoo to be chased away before even seeing Big Mom. The only exception was Urouge, who actually managed to defeat one of the Sweet "4" Commanders before being defeated by Cracker himself. So, I guess that explains Urouge going to a Sky Island to recover from his wounds in late Dressrosa. This was pretty interesting to hear about considering that Urouge is the least developed Supernova so far, and it's awesome to hear that he could actually do this. I wonder who the fourth Sweet Commander was - they must not be in a very good position right now...and this also solidifies Cracker's power even more now.

Brulee attacks Nami, only for Pound to step in. Now that he's taken a side against the Charlotte Family, he'll certainly be killed, although Pound then retorts that Big Mom was fine with killing him. Nami knocks out Brulee with Thunder Tempo as Luffy is forced to go Gear Fourth against Cracker, blowing him away with Kong Gun. Wow.

Overall a good chapter - we haven't had a real 1v1 fight like this since the final battle with Doflamingo, and it's good to get back into the action. The bit with Urouge was also very welcome. Honestly, I think Luffy going Gear Fourth is going to spell more harm for him than good - I expect Cracker to get up, and Luffy is going to be a sitting duck once the Gear ends, regardless of whether or not he manages to defeat Cracker. Such is the power of the Yonko...

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