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...and then there was one.

We finally get the reveal that was years in the making, as Lola is officially deduced to be Big Mom's daughter, as well as the daughter of the buried man. Oh, the buried man's name is Pound by the way, so we can finally make a page for him :)

While Nami figures all of this out, Randolph reenters the fray on his crane, who seems to have a preoccupation with a certain Vice Admiral. However, Cracker blows away Randolph and several of the homies with the power of pure awesomeness. We've finally reached the bigwigs of the Big Mom Pirates, and just like the Disasters of the Beasts Pirates, they're not to be trifled with. And Randolph speaks for only the second time; I was worried that him speaking would look really creepy, but it was actually pretty funny.

We're then introduced to the king of the Seducing Woods, King Baum, straight outta Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, none of the trees are throwing apples just yet. Luffy fights Cracker to free Pound, who runs off with Nami while they get chased by Homies. This is when things start to get weird. Nami pulls Lola's Vivre Card out of the bottomless void known as her cleavage, and it starts shining with the power of Big Mom's soul, scaring away all the homies. That seems a little too strange, especially given how long Nami's had the card, but since Big Mom's Devil Fruit revolves around souls it at least makes a little sense.

Finally, Cracker overpowers Luffy as he hits his arms to make them multiply. Seems like he's got a Hydra-like Devil Fruit power that he's very willing to abuse. He'd be a good match for Robin, if she was here. But then again, I don't even know if Luffy is a match for him, given Cracker's display of power and his immense bounty. I dunno, Luffy may well be in over his head here and could lose. If he does lose, or just barely win, it'll serve as a good wakeup call for how in over their heads the Straw Hats are.

Overall a decent chapter, focusing mostly on action and not on infodumps. I'm gonna enjoy seeing Cracker in action in the next few weeks. What did you think about it?

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