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This chapter only focused on the Sanji vs. Dadji fight without jumping to any others, which these days is pretty unusual. Guess we'll have to wait and see Nami's and Carrot's freshly sliced faces after the fact.

Sanji and Dadji begin settling matters not with their fists, but with legs and spears. Dadji shows just how powerful he really is, using various advanced technologies to pimp up his ol' spear and bring glory to his former title of The Geruda. I could see this guy as a WWE wrestler before he inherited the throne. During the fight, Sanji has a flashback of him being abused by Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, and the four of them turn out to be quintuplets. But since Dadji just values strength, he lets this go on, and that has turned Sanji into the hardened man he is today. Nah, I'm sure there's more that involves his mother. Oh, and Dadji taught Sanji in the ways of the sword; thus a deep-seated rivalry was born. The chapter ends with Dadji shielding himself with Germa 66 men like Ichiji did before and him piercing his spear through his men before defeating Sanji with it. Brutal. Later, as Sanji's wounds are treated, Dadji puts wristlets on Sanji that explode, preventing him from ever escaping. And Big Mom is the only one who has the keys to them, so looks like it's Pedro and Brook to the rescue!

Oh, and it's also confirmed that Sanji altered Yonji's face a little in their encounter. That was hilarious.

Overall, this chapter seemed a bit light on content to me, but I guess that's just because we stayed in one scene and Oda went a little Kubo with big fight panels. But it did show us a bit of Sanji's past, which was pretty heartbreaking and helps us hate Dadji. So it ended up being pretty good in the end. And I'm not surprised Dadji won at all, it would be silly if he lost.

I believe there's a break next week due to some Japan thing. What did you think about the chapter?

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