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OK really short blog since I have to leave really soon. The Sanji retrieval team is attacked by Randolph, the rabbit who isn't a mink. Zoan maybe? But it can speak, as it did in Chapter 827 when it debuted. Randolph for nakama.

Then we go to the Vinsmoke Family, where the real big daddy Vinsmoke Jajji appears for the first time. He is definitely gonna whoop Sanji's ass. And it looks like Sanji beat up Yonji, the poor chap. And turns out the kingdom the Vinsmokes rule over is a kingdom of boats, the Germa Kingdom.

Also, there was another Charlotte daughter, Charlotte Brulee, who can apparently turn into other people? Did Magellan really kill Mr. 2 after all and the one in the cover story is an impostor???

Overall a good chapter, full of big reveals.

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