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So, that was a chapter. First off is the cover story, the piece of dullness that won't seem to end because Shonen Jump wants more color spreads to avoid having to look at it. Is that Fujitora's brother gambling with Rayleigh, or did Fuji invest in makeup?

First we get a flashback where Jinbe splits up his crew so he can join the Straw Hats, including sending away the recently acquired Wadatsumi #WasteHisTime2016. They're pretty cool with it, allowing him to be selfishman for once and depart. The only objector is none other than Charlotte Praline, 29th daughter of Big Mom and half-hammerhead fishman. The implications of Big Mom shagging a hammerhead aside, it turns out that the Sun Pirates formed a rather inseparable bond with Big Mom by having Aladine (which I guess is just french Aladdin) marry her. Now, Praline may be uglier than Purin and the unnamed daughter we saw last chapter, but she's pretty decent. It's clear most of Big Mom's daughters don't take particularly well to her. She says that no one who has allied with Big Mom can sever their ties and escape alive. Well, that's not good.

We then return to the present, where Praline's claim is seemingly refuted as Big Mom agrees to let Jinbe go...for a price. He can lose either an arm, a leg, a head, or head. Guessing that's the best option for him, if this does pan out. Somehow I doubt Jinbe will become an amputee. Also, kudos to Oda for officially declaring Moscato dead.

Meanwhile, the Sanji retrieval team is done battling the centipede and has moved on to some ants. During their voyage, Pedro finally reveals that he and Pekoms were once pirates together, but got rekt by Big Mom. Besides this being Pedro's backstory, it does shed a bit more light on Pekoms, as he may not have joined the Big Mom Pirates by choice, or did so because he thought it was the best way to survive. I smell Bellamy 2.0 here. Finally, the team reaches Whole Cake Island, where they see someone on the coast. Who could it be? Purin? Sanji? Sanji's dad? Charlotte/Vinsmoke sibling? Kaido? Tune in next week for the next chapter of One Piece!

Overall a good setup/explanatory chapter that'll lead into some pretty interesting things in the future, though part of it was admittedly boring.

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