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It's long...must get...One Piece fix before...I keep drinking more Bleach...

Before we get started, I must say I love that color spread. Only a month and a week left!

So the chapter starts off pretty mundane, with the Sanji retrieval team headed for Jam Island. For the first time in this entire arc they decide to actually do something smart and avoid going near the island. That's a good start, at least. The crew then battles a "giant friggin' centipede." You know, normal afternoon for them.

Then we get into the meat, or should I say sweets, of the chapter, and Big Mom's obsession with sweets is expanded upon in a rather gruesome way. The woman's got an eating disorder, satiated only by eating a sweet of her craving. Until she gets that, she'll eat anything...including her own son's life force. Yeah, that was kind of messed up. It's like pregnancy cravings to the she pregnant now?

But don't worry, kids, here comes Knight of the Sea Jinbe to save the day, throwing in some creme puffs without the will to live into Big Mom's mouth and satiating her. Turns out Jinbe already offered Big Mom the Poneglyph he found in his cover story. And now he has something to discuss with Big Mom...most likely leaving the crew...which she definitely won't be happy about. Next chapter Jinbe will probably find some way to diffuse the situation, though he may not be able to leave. If he can't...he's sushi.

Overall not a great chapter, but finding out what makes Big Mom tick was good, and of course Jinbe's return was awesome. Each chapter so far has pretty much been a collection of mini-adventures building up to the wedding, so I wonder what'll happen next chapter.

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