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Just when I thought my OP withdrawal level was reaching an all-time high...

I was pretty sure that the Vinsmokes were gonna be the villains of this arc, so I was expecting that the Germa 66 ship encountered would be very unfriendly to the Straw Hats. That turned out not to be the case, as new Vinsmoke Family members Yonji and Reige. I thought Yonji was pretty funny, with some of Sanji's worst traits yet with completely different best traits, this being sadistic glee rather than gentlemanliness. Then there's Reige, who's pretty hot to be sure.

It's revealed that the Vinsmoke Family is pretty technologically advanced, which will be interesting to see. Yonji and Reige have some special powers of their own, being the Winch Green and the Poison Pink, the latter of which we saw in its full glory. Luffy is fine again, yay! Wonder what the Winch Green does, and how the Vinsmokes' powers even work. Reige then goes on to explain the amount of power their family has in the World Government, which wasn't particularly notable as some might have thought, but is still interesting. It also explains why Duval had tons of people going after him when no one went after any of the Straw Hats for their bounties. Overall, Yonji and Reige don't really seem like antagonists, though I could see them being forced to fight. Daddy Vinsmoke is definitely being set up as a villain, and there's also Ichiji, Niji, or any other daughters if they exist.

Finally, a merman watches the proceedings from underwater, sharing his discovery with...Jinbe. Yep, we all knew the guy was gonna feature in this arc, but I can't wait to see him.

Overall a decent info-dump chapter. What did you think about it?

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