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It's baaaaaaaaack!

I wasn't expecting us to get more expansion on the rulers heading to Reverie, but boy we got it. First we are delighted with more Alabasta, as the citizens there forget all the English they learned and wave goodbye to their princess, Bibi. (On a side note, however, it seems that Oda romanized her name as "Nefeltari." Dope.) Cobra is debilitatingly ill for some reason, as he reveals his intention to get more expansion on Robin and the poneglyphs. Yeah, that's gonna go over real well. He's also trying to marry Vivi off, which could be interesting. Vivi x Mr. Prince?

We next go to Goa Kingdom, wherein we see the princess...Stelly? Wait, isn't Stelly a boy? (please excuse that mental lapse, Stelly is the man by the window) We also see Kano Country for the first time, which is cool. Wapol's coming, with some beef to take out on Sakura Kingdom, which Dalton will be representing with Kureha. This should be fun. After that it's Dressrosa and Prodence Kingdom, and despite certain recent events it seems Rebecca will be playing a role in Reverie after all. Poop. Oh look, Shirahoshi's coming too! Those two should become fast friends.

But enough of the Reverie, it's time to see Carrot reveal herself on the Sunny like we all knew she would. Boy, was it brutal to Luffy. She also likes Carrots, haha. Not complaining though, I'd be quite sad if she stayed on Zou after all that foreshadowing.

Finally, Pedro gets a newspaper revealing that Vartigo Baltigo has been destroyed. Oh boy. Well, given the reveal of the Blackbeard Pirates' victory over the WB Pirates, it's clear that they're crazy strong, but I certainly didn't expect them to get this victory as well.

Overall a good chapter. It was nice to see characters we haven't seen in a while as we prepare for a very hyped event. The Carrot arrival was funny, and the final reveal was shocking. I'm satisfied. What did you think?

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