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This chapter contained a lot of stuff predicted by fans long ago, and its overall content was expected, as it proved to be a transition chapter to conclude the Zou Arc.

Chopper and the minks rappel down Zunisha's injured leg to treat it, which was good I guess. On top of the elephant, the characters discuss where they will end up, when Momonosuke pulls the first twist: He plans to stay behind on Zou to talk with Zunisha. It's a pretty sensible idea, as it'd be a pretty bad idea for him to go into the beast's mouth right now. Inuarashi decides to stay with him, and I'm not sure that I like that development as much. I would have thought the mission to get Marco would be infinitely more interesting if the two rulers went together. Although you never know, it may not even be seen onscreen.

Meanwhile, Luffy finds Pekoms, whose house is somehow destroyed (they don't make 'em like they used to in the Whale Forest). Pekoms reveals he ate the Kame Kamehameha no Mi, and I'm very grateful that we get another Devil Fruit name. It's as tough as diamond!

Afterwards we get the funniest scene in the chapter, where Pedro decides to go along with the Sanji rescue team, leading every other mink, including the big sheep (Father Yomo!). In the end only Pedro goes, and Nami demonstrates some new Clima-Tact stuff just to make sure we remember it exists (though the name of her invisibility move is funny). Now, Pedro. I'd like to know what it is about the guy that interests people, including myself occasionally. I really think Carrot should have gone too :(

The Sanji rescue team jumps off Zou. Seriously, is there like a magic cushion at the bottom og its feet preventing them from going splat?

But wait...there's more. Vivi is leaving for the Reverie. Yes, the Reverie. It's happening!!!

A hilarious and good transitory chapter, 8.5/10. What did you think of it?

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