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This chapter came out earlier than I was expecting, but I'm glad it's out.

As Jack and his men attack Zunisha by aiming at its front left leg (conveniently not the one the Sunny was docked to), which is quite the smart strategy. And not only is Jack smart, but he's more brutal than any other character I've seen.

The attack continues, and we find that it's none other than Zunisha (as if it could be anyone else) talking to Luffy and also Momonosuke. I can't wait to hear Zunisha's voice in the anime. Not only can he hear Zunisha, but Momonosuke also finds out that the Beasts Pirates are attacking below. The minks prepare to engage a naval battle, but Zunisha doesn't have plans for that.

Instead, Momonosuke is once again put in command as he finally orders Zunisha to attack the fleet. And it does, taking it out in one full sweep. Any epic moment/attack so far I've been comparing to King Kong Gun, but I think we may have found something better. Once Zunisha is through, not a trace remains of the fleet. Right on cue, we go back to Wano and that fortress thing (or is it just Kaido's silhouette? C'mon, Oda, we've seen him before), as it's reported to Kaido that there's no longer any communication from Jack. Kaido's about to be hella mad, and I don't think it'll just be because of Kenpachi's Bankai.

Overall a solid chapter, 8.5/10. The way Zunisha abruptly ended the battle against Jack was shocking (and that's saying something considering this entire arc). I'm not counting Jack out just yet, given that he's, well, Jack. But damn, Oda just answered the debate/flame war on who would fight Jack in the most perfect way possible. And can pirates with SMILEs swim?

But now it seems that Kaido himself is getting directly involved and may pay a visit to Zou himself if everyone doesn't scram, and it seems that they might. What are your thoughts on all this?

UPDATE: Oh wait that was APOO calling Kaido? Damn.

Second update: inb4 Zunisha is actually Uranus. Seriously, given what we have here, and given Zunisha's punishment, I really wouldn't be surprised if this were the case.

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