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Today's chapter is brought to you by, who will surely bring life to the Hall today! This chapter was amazing in terms of reveals.

Robin translates the Red Poneglyph, also known as the "Road Poneglyph" at least if MangaIce didn't screw it up. The purpose of this poneglyph is to make a road to Raftel, and find One Piece. Man, this reveal was really refreshing, because honestly we've barely heard anything about the One Piece in the New World so far. This helps show that we're really getting closer to the end goal and that this manga isn't just about a quest to defeat an unkillable beast pirate.

Anyways, there are four Road Poneglyphs: one on Zou, one that is lost, and finally the other two, which are owned by Kaido and Big Mom of all people. In the end, that's not really a surprise, it helps solidify their power and gives the Straw Hats more of an impetus to fight the two Yonko. Also that Kaido portrait is sexy af.

Afterwards, we immediately to cut into the other reveal: Momo's dad is dead, executed by none other than Shogun Kaido and the Beasts Pirates occupying Wano Country. I thought this was the finale at first, and that would've been quite the heavy one. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! The Kozuki Family is none other than the ones who created the Poneglyphs in the first place, and Oden was once a Roger Pirate who reached Raftel. Man, this is just too great.

This chapter was overall great due to all its reveals, as well as focusing on the thing the series is named after! 9.3/10 for me. What did you guys think?

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