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It seems like forever since a chapter was released...that patch of chapters without hiatuses has made me spoiled again.

Anyways, the first thing we see is that Jack is back. Of course, no one believed he was dead, not even the characters themselves, but to be quite honest he doesn't look very injured at all. With the tea party looming as well as foreshadowing from other parts of the chapter, I don't think he'll return to Zou. However, I would like to see how the battle went, though the chances of that seem slimmer and slimmer.

Back on Zou, Kin'emon shows Inu and Neko a tattoo on his back proving that he is indeed the retainer of the...Kozuki Family? Either this is complex Japanese shit, or Oda decided to pull a 180 on the name. CatDog begins squabbling again, only to be interrupted by Momonosuke. I will admit that I have despised Momonosuke ever since he was introduced, but this was a really strong moment for him character-wise. He tells the rulers that "father" would be deeply saddened. That's when things get interesting. We find out from Kin'emon that he and Momonosuke are not father and son, but Momonosuke is the heir to the daimyo. Now, I still don't care for Momonosuke, but I found the reveal interesting to say the least. Also, the mention that Momonosuke's father might be the cause of Inu and Neko's hatred makes it seem like Wano will play a pretty big role in the near future.

Finally, the Straw Hats go off to see Raizo, in a secret entrance on top of the Whale Tree. The Straw Hats enter, and see a crimson poneglyph. Oh yeah, Gedatsu's deformed little brother is here as well. Raizo of the Mist is here, and the Straw Hats all want him to perform Naruto jutsu...surprise, surprise. Raizo seems to be a decent guy, and I guess I like the fact that he's not a stereotypical beautiful Uchiha warrior. Oh yeah, Poneglyph. Who cares about that when there's a ninja.

Overall a decent chapter with three big reveals, most of which pointing to Wano. 8.5/10. What did you think?

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