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After a few weeks of steady releases after the chaos that was December, this was definitely a surprise, both good and bad.

We finally get confirmation that the monkey is Bariete, which really should have happened 10 chapters ago. He rings the raid bell to alert the people to the presence of the samurai, and what follows often felt like pure chaos. The adult trio, sadly without any markings from Torasaburo, race to their crewmates in the Whale Forest, who proceed to run for the city. It's very chaotic, although I guess it's somewhat realistic in a situation like this.

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are on the hunt as well, which sets up a conflict we were all waiting to see. I have to say, their interaction was hilarious, with the Brit Inuarashi squabbling with the Murican Nekomamushi. The only way it could be better was if they were conjoined, but I think that's copyrighted.

The minks get to the point of sparring, but it's quickly interrupted when the Straw Hats arrive and attempt to pull the samurai back, and things start getting interesting. Kin'emon introduces himself as being from the Kogetsu Clan/Family, and the two rulers reveal that Raizo is indeed safe and sound. I never thought that simple truth would be so powerful, but given how long they denied knowing anything about Raizo and how much torture they went through, it's very unexpected that they actually went through all that just to protect him. And I like that.

Overall not much happened, but the final reveal may rival the reveal of Sanji's family. 7.5/10. Too bad there's a hiatus next week, although we've gotten five chapters in a row which is quite the improvement. Hopefully we'll see Raizo and expand on what's gonna happen in the future.

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