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Well that chapter managed to pull off the typical Oda feat of expanding on a mystery while explaining absolutely nothing.

I am glad that Sanji won't readily go to this wedding, as certain spoilers had me worried. But Bege continues to impress, showing that he has full control over his fortress and warping it in interesting ways. Funny how he quickly put out the flames from Sanji's cigarette, wouldn't his own cigar smoke catch his fortress on fire as well? There's really a lot of potential for this fruit. That last move Capone did was definitely fanservice, to be sure.

It's confirmed that Vinsmoke is a relatively important name, as Brook, who's basically the crew's history and culture expert, recognized the name in fear. We've yet to see what Sanji really thinks of his family, but I'm pretty sure it's less than ecstatic. And smh to Mangapanda for continuing to use the word "Vinsmock".

So Sanji ends up kicking his crew out of Bege's body, which apparently can move even when he's inside, though it seems to be more robot-like. That entire scene was a bit of a mess at first, as he kicked them right into Capone's henchmen, who didn't really know what to do. What followed was pretty epic though: Sanji holding Caesar at gunpoint, and Nekomamushi arriving to see what was going on, before Wanda does more stuff.

Overall, a pretty solid chapter to (hopefully) close out the flashback. No real word at Pekoms, and of course the lack of information about the Vinsmoke Family is irritating, but all in due time I guess. What did you think of the chapter?

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