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Yep, the chapter is out! Not really too happy as it means a 2 week hiatus , but oh well.

Overall this was a very predictable chapter. I enjoyed Caesar's "proud daddy" face when he found out the gas, Koromo was his creation. The guy ain't nakama material anytime soon. I also enjoyed Wanda's confrontation with Nami, as so far all she's done is provide exposition.

we return to the present, where the Straw Hats prepare to check on Nekomamushi. Carrot, who may possibly become relevant again, and the real question we've always had is finally addressed: where is Sanji?

Well, I'm pretty sure most people didn't consider the Big Mom Pirates would return, but indeed they did. And Pekoms is finally confirmed as a mink, yayy. Nobody saw THAT coming!

Overall I give this chapter a 7.5/10, with the best parts being Caesar's reaction and the twist at the end. What do you think?

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