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Chapter 810: Crucify and Chill

...and the chapter comes out at a completely new time. OK.

Oda decides not to troll and actually shows Jack's full body on the first page, and man that guy is ripped...and horny. He looks like a blond Kaido! It does raise the question, though, which of his four horns are real and which are fake?

We receive the hopefully final details of the flashback, and mostly everything went as expected. The battle went on for 5 DAYS, which is certainly considerable. I did like the Heart Pirates' arrival and seeing Nekomamushi's less violent side; he does seem to be a decent guy.

Jack then grows tired of fighting and uses the gas weapon, which we still don't get to see! It had better be really good. After the weapon is used, Jack ties the rulers and several musketeers and guardians to crucifixes. Interesting how Pedro is also included, though I still don't think that he was the guy from the flashback.

Finally, the Curly Hats arrive, here to save the day and finally provide the missing piece to 795. I told you Tristan was the girl! It couldn't really be anyone else. We've yet to see if the Curly Hats connect the gas with Caesar and the repercussions resulting from that. And as thought, the other Straw Hats indirectly played a role in saving Zou by defeating Doflamingo. Also I was right about them using Caesar as a hot air balloon.

Overall a great chapter. Hopefully we'll expand more on the Curly Hats saving Zou and maybe find out what happens to Sanji on New Year's Eve.

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