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The chapter is OUT my friends! Quite a peculiar time, but I'm not complaining or anything. Someone said on Drake's blog that they would riot if I didn't write a blog, so I suppose I must come and review this chapter.

First we get a segue back to the present, where the severity of the revelation that Caesar's gas weapons were used is awkwardly undercut by Inuarashi lusting after Brook, of course. Overall, this cut back doesn't really serve much purpose until the end, when Nekomamushi's role is explained. As I thought, he rules the outskirts of the Dukedom and comes out at night, although the organization of the whole thing is kind of interesting. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi hating each other was incredibly predictable, though the lengths they go to avoid each other made things somewhat interesting. Zoro-Sanji, anyone?

We finally return to the past, where Inuarashi looking royally ready to kick some butt has arrived with his Three Musketeers, the other two of which are unfortunately still not named. The Gifters attack, with one of them TURNING HIS ARM INTO A WOLF'S HEAD. It seems as though SMILES bestow a much more disturbing, though cool, version of Zoan powers. And that pales in comparison when Jack's bounty is revealed to be...wait for it...1 BILLION BERRIES. Most of us were expecting his bounty to be lower than Luffy's, yet it's double! I will have a bit more to say about this in a later blog, but just wow.

Unfortunately, Inuarashi doesn't get to show the full extent of his power because night has come and he can't look at the Cat Viper, who is, well, a Cat Viper. Nekomamushi then proceeds to judo flip the billion berry mammoth. That may have been the most epic attack since King Kong gun, pardon my fanboy squealing. And then, Jack turns human. We should see his human form next chapter, but since Oda has not shown Doflamingo's eyes or Sanji's location, don't get too excited just yet.

Not an amazing chapter, but a few reveals and action sequences helped balance out the less interesting parts. Hopefully the flashback won't take too long; I want the Straw Hats to actually do things in the present!

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