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Better late(r) than never, I suppose. Panda is still connected when it comes to One Piece, but will it and Bleach be delayed this long? Hardly an incentive to not wait for Stream.

"I'm sorry! Sanji's..."

  • cut to party*

At this point, I'm gonna assume that every cliffhanger that precedes a hiatus will not be answered in the following chapter if Oda could get away with it. Not cool bro, not cool...

So yeah, we have a feast welcoming the Straw Hat saviors, with the meat thankfully being only from reptiles. It's there we see Brook for the first time, and get word that Momo is inside, but refuses to come out. Personally, I think he can stay there the entire arc. Oh yeah, it turns out Wanda's referral to the dead crewmate body was just a joking comment about Brook. I am mad about that, not because I was wrong, but because it felt rather stupid. I guess the Minks are just bad at using human colloquialisms.

In other news, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, and Raizo/Bariete are back on the Sunny. I remember listening to a prediction on the OP Podcast that the failure to get on the elephant would become a running gag, though given their importance to the plot they've gotta get up there somehow. Oh yeah, Law's back with his crew, yayy.

And now...finally. After their middle of nowhere arrival 12 chapters ago, we finally get some explanation of what happened. And I must say, how they escaped from Big Mom was pretty much the most epic moment since Luffy punched Fujitora. It was transfix, yet amazing at the same time.

As the flashback takes a break, we learn that the price has awaken. No, not Sanji, but rather Inu-Arashi, Neko-Mamushi's counterpart. Looks like we're getting another plot centered around a royal family, whooppee.

To close out the chapter, we arrive on Zou right as Jack and his men invade. Now, that mammoth could be a steed, but how could it get up there. It's pretty much confirmed now that Jack has a mammoth fruit, though not confirmed enough to put it on the wiki.

Except for the Sanji copout, this was an awesome chapter. We may see Jack in full next week, so let's cross our fingers...

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