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Chapter 805 Prediction

Title: Raizo the Ninja

Cover: Kin'emon uses his fire sword to cook Kanjuro's food for foxes

Carrot: But Daisy, they're intruders too!

Luffy: Wait, what's going on in the Whale's Forest?

Carrot: This doesn't concern you! Leave, or we'll come back and kill you!

Zoro: Hey! Why are you wearing Nami's clothing?

Daisy flinches.

Carrot: Can I please just deal with them now? They're getting annoying!

Daisy: You know the woman who wore this clothing?

Franky: Yeah! Do you know where Nami is?

Daisy, to Carrot: If they are associated with the group whom we performed the ritual with, they could be useful.

to the Straw Hats: If you wish to join us, then come along.

Zoro: You didn't answer our question! Where are our crewmates?

Daisy: I...don't know. But now is not the time for discussion. Hurry!

Meanwhile, Luffy climbs on a pile of rubble in the ruined city.

Luffy: This is so cool! Maybe I can see off the elephant.

Suddenly, the rubble begins to shake.

Luffy: What the...something's underneath!

Meanwhile, Kin'emon and Kanjuro are tied up on the Thousand Sunny.

Kin'emon: Dammit...that guy was too fast for us to see him!

Kanjuro: He took our swords too...

The monkey dances around, holding their swords above his head.

Monkey: No one gets past me, the great guard Bariete!

Kin'emon: Well, our friends got past you, and they're probably on Zou now!

Bariete: Me, overlook someone? Inconceivable, they must have used sorcery. But even if they do use sorcery, all intruders will be killed!

Kanjuro: That's a little much...

Bariete: Come with me!

Bariete grabs them by the ropes and rushes forward. As he nears the end of the Sunny, he soars up, flying up Zou's leg.

Kin'emon: Whoa!

A little while later, Bariete reaches the top of the island and glides toward the forest. He throws Kin'emon and Kanjuro up against the tree.

Bariete: You'll stay here while I report back.

Suddenly, Kin'emon notices something behind Bariete. Him and Kanjuro smile.

Bariete: Why're you looking like that?

Kanjuro: You may not have noticed...but the swords you took are gone!

Bariete looks at his waist in shock, seeing that they really are gone. Suddenly, a shadowy figure comes behind him and knocks him up the head with the two swords.

Kin'emon: you did make it!

???: Yeah...what took you so long, Kin'echin?

We get a full body glimpse of our man Raizo the Ninja. He wears an open black jacket, a black belt, and leggings with a tenugui wrapped around.

Kin'emon: I told you never to call me that!

Raizo: Soo, what've you guys been up to?

Kanjuro: We can tell you our story later. Now, have you found any clues as to its location?

Raizo: Oh, yes, yes of course! Uh...what was it again?

Kin'emon: Don't tell me you forgot about the treasure! That was the entire reason we came here!

Raizo: Ah...yes, I forgot that too...

Kin'emon: Momonosuke is already here. Let's hurry and find him!

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats and the two Minkmen run through the path of destruction in the forest.

Franky: Wait a sec...someone's lying down over there!

Daisy: Wait...oh, no!

Daisy rushes to the Minkman lying there.

Daisy: Freya!

Freya: I'm sorry...they were too much for us...

Daisy: We need to get you medical attention!

Law: Allow me, I'm a doctor.

Carrot: Wait-

Daisy: I know you're suspicious, Carrot, but Freya will die soon without help.

Suddenly, the ground begins shaking.

Usopp: Aaaah! What's that!

At least a dozen pirates emerge from a path of destruction. They carry the same Jolly Roger Sheepshead had.

Law: That symbol...!

Lead Pirate: You have friends now, Mink Tribe? They can't help you! Tell us where the lost treasure is before we wipe you all out!

Robin: Treasure??

Zoro: If you're the ones hurting these guys, we're gonna kick your ass.

The Straw Hats get ready to attack, when suddenly...

Sanji: Bien Cuit: Grill Shot!

Flying toward one of the pirates, Sanji lays a burning kick on him and sends him flying into oblivion.

Usopp: Guys!

Sanji: You miss us?

Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Brook, and Momonosuke stand together, regrouped with the other half of the Straw Hats.

Nami: You lost Luffy already?

Franky: All right! Let's team up and take these guys out!

However, Law has a shocked expression, as something is not right...

Law: Caesar...where is he??

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