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Wait, a new cover story? "From the decks of the World" WTH? Hopefully this is either a brief "where they are now" or focuses on a single character later because otherwise I'm not sure how this will go.

Carrot and the dog Minkman, Wanda apparently, head off to deal with the intruder, and Carrot displays more jumping stuff. But the real deal in the beginning is that Bepo is confirmed at last to be a Minkman. Still no word on Pekoms, but I'm sure we'll find out sooner or later. And then Wanda says their crewmates are dead?? WTH???

Anyways, the situation becomes a bit more tense when it's revealed that the intruder is just Luffy, who's giving the guardians of the galaxy a run for their money. Not to mention the Heart Pirates are there too, and I enjoyed how unfamiliar they were with Luffy's nickname for Law.

So then Wanda arrives and kisses Luffy (let the shipping begin), and reveals that the thing which destroyed the island is none other than Captain Jack. Yep, Jack's rescue mission is long over and I'm going to say he was successful, though we'll see later. Given the marks left on the city, it's pretty safe to say Jack has a really powerful Zoan power. The chapter ends with Wanda about to take Luffy to his crewmates, but something seems off... what is it??

Overall a good chapter, a bit more underwhelming than I hoped. Looks like we'll see the Twirly Hats soon and build up to the great Captain Jack!

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