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Finally, it's here!

The first part of this chapter made me want to strangle Oda! So I'm pretty sure the person/creature falling is definitely Raizo, yet no one could get a real glimpse of him. For some strange reason, Kinemon and Kanjuro decide to fall along with him. So Raizo... Either has a sick ninja costume, or has a Monkey Zoan. I'll try to get a closer look when I can read on a site that doesn't open pop-up ads everywhere

But with that spasm attack, at least we get to the top! Turns out Zou isn't just a wild forest, but rather has a partially-ruined civilization on it. Looks like the perfect place for a Poneglyph. Sadly, the Straw Hats must bid farewell to the poorly drawn dragon, now with the official name of Ryunosuke. Sound familiar? Honestly though, I felt more like Zoro and Law when it "died"

The chapter ends with the Minkmen being introduced, and they're unsurprisingly hostile. I don't think we can 100% confirm that Bepo and Pekoms are Minkmen now, although it's high likely given their confirmation as animal people. Given Carrot's attack, I wonder if Sheepshead is a Minkman as well?

Then there's the real twist at the end...a minkperson is wearing Nami's clothes *gets dirty thoughts* well, I'm sure she must be clothed in some way, although perverts can dream...

Overall a good chapter. The Raizo part was kind of annoying, and of course the lack of character spots we've been getting lately made it so there isn't as much hope. However, the introduction to Zou and the Minkmen made me excited for this arc.

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