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O boy

The Barto Club are idiots, but are somehow hilarious in doing so. Claiming to be "gangsters" yet Gambia calls his grandma for help in traversing the ocean. I'm really questioning how they even survived Paradise.

Then we go to the Marine probably none of us expected to see, that being Kizaru who looks the same as ever. Apparently there's a big force going around and wiping out the remnants of Whitebeard's crew, Edward Weeble. So-called son of Whitebeard, and...the seventh Shichibukai.

Wait, what?

OK. Him being the seventh Shichibukai seems interesting, since we've never had a whiny little boy in the ranks, unless you count Moriah. Then there's his mom, even more annoying than him. OK, now I'm calling BS on Whitebeard being this guy's dad, shared banana holders regardless. His mom's actions seemed very suspicious, and I seriously doubt that Whitebeard would've destroyed his so called "lover" if they ever had relations.

Overall, I don't like these new characters, but I am at least a bit interested in Weeble's story and will hold out hope in Oda. Weeble may wobble, but he won't fall down.

Finally, Barto Club mishaps aside, we finally reached Zo...which believe it or not is a Zo. Nope, not at all like a certain living island in a certain other manga series.

Now, this begs the question of what island the Twirly Hat Pirates were on in 795. I'm just throwing this out there, but maybe that was Zo too, just in rest? The volcano there and the Eruption rain aren't a far cry from a trunk. Also remember how difficult it was to walk across the terrain. Looking forward to seeing what's up with this island and finally get a foothold in the Twirly Hats story.

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