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Oh man, this chapter was packed. Let's get into it, shall we?

First we have the obligatory Dressrosa finisher, with the dwarves finally being introduced to the people. Now I think we are safely done with Dressrosa, and thank goodness. CP-0 is here now... But they don't really do anything. And given how Riku's already preparing for the reverie, we'll probably get to see that soon! Can't wait...

Oh man, Doflamingo... The guy who somehow has another pair of glasses on and isn't suffering whatsoever from his ruptured organs. I loved his confrontation with Tsuru, given their history together, and his speech was very foreboding. Big Mom's shadow looks interesting and it's a shame good 'ol Ryokugyu don't have a shadow. Doflamingo appears to be heading for Impel Down... perhaps Oda really won't ever show us his eyes. Boo.

Then there's that Jack bit...the name sounds really familiar for some reason but I can't put my thumb on it. Is he gonna rescue Doflamingo? This'll be interesting.

Finally, we get in my opinion the best part of the chapter. There's the Barto Club's ship, which is amazing (didn't someone predict they would have a Luffy masthead?) But that doesn't even compare to... um, you know, those things...

First, the expected ones

  • Luffy: 5 million 500 million as expected
  • Law: Also 500 million - finally proof he's officially expelled from the Warlords
  • Zoro: 320 million
  • Robin: 130 million
  • Franky: 94 million - I feel his pain
  • God Usopp: 200 million - I wished they had used Doflamingo's much cooler image

All the other gladiators get a 50 million increase, kinda uniform but oh well. I don't have a problem with the bounties, but they're a LOT higher than I predicted, especially God, 30 to 200 million...

And in a shocking turn of events, it seems the Sunny Crew didn't get left out after all! There is some justice in this world

  • Nami: 66 million
  • Chopper: 100, poor little guy
  • Brook: 83 million
  • Sanji: 177 million

And the chapter ends with a Sanji shitstorm. I personally don't like the fact that they have a photo of Sanji now, it just doesn't feel right. Finally, wanted alive... What on Earth could that mean? Until next chapter, folks!

Best chapter since 795, a 9.5/10 for me. What did you think of it?

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