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Well. This went both expected and unexpected. Let's crack this nut, and not the ones on the cover page.

I'm not really sure why anyone thought Luffy would be able to defeat Fuji in the span of a few chapters, as that would pretty much disgrace the admirals the rest of the series, and we need to LEAVE ALREADY! No new moves from Fuji, which is kinda disappointing, but I enjoyed his perspective as a blind man.

The Dressrosa citizens coming to the rescue was the most WTF moment of the chapter. Of course, Fuji can't hurt citizens, making it the easiest course of action for Oda to take. However, I think I lost a few brain cells seeing what they were doing. I'm not sure how they suddenly know Rebecca wasn't kidnapped after all, but I suppose this means we'll have to see her again before the arc ends *bangs head*

And finally

The moment

All the forums and blogs leading up to this have finally reached fruition.

Luffy is now officially in command of 5 or so allied crews.

I never placed much emphasis on the allies thing in the first place, but I will admit the whole thing was very interesting, and I can't wait to see how this goes. Have we left Dressrosa? While I think we still need to see some plot points resolved, like the Marines and the mob, but the escape is real.

Not the best 100th chapter that I hoped for, but still solid. 8.4/10

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