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Well, after the hellapalooza we got last week, it's not surprising things calmed down a little.

Instead of having, I don't know, CP-0 or perhaps a Yonko go after the Straw Hats, we instead get old people. Now, Sengoku (not Garp) and Tsuru may still kick ass, but their addition didn't really seem to add anything.

But who cares about that; we have a coronation coming up! Rebecca is finally out of that...thing and is in a Scarlett-esque dress. Apparently she's not only a princess, but also next in line for the crown due to a contrived royal system. But getting upset over royalty is a very un-American thing to do, so I digress.

Kyros does something with Rebecca but i honestly don't care.

Bartolomeo is a massive fanboy. We covered that?

And finally, it turns out that Issho's dice roll was not the final answer, and only if he kept rolling ones would the Straw Hats be safe. That sounds like a ploy to go after them all right. And though the luck holds at first, in the end it's just luck, and in the most contrived fashion the Marines are now enemies again. Escape is now the most viable option for the Straw Hats, but Luffy can't go without saying goodbye to a special girl...and hello to a bipolar navy Admiral.

For the tenth time, damn you Rebecca.

Looks like we'll be in Dressrosa a while longer. We won't find out next week due to a festival-induced hiatus.

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